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  • 「いつの時代も、社会とともに。」 敷島製パン100周年記念サイトです

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Corporate Information

Corporate Philosophy ー Message from the President

Corporate Philosophy

Dedicated to providing insightful and creative solutions to meet the changing needs for health and beauty.

President's Greetings

We have expanded our business by following our founding motto “We contribute to society through the bakery business”, since our beginning in 1920. After the passage of time, bread manufacturing has modernized greatly, with improvements in quality and taste.
Though the basics of baking good bread, which requires high-quality wheat, have not changed from the old days. History and tradition are the accumulation of efforts pursuing quintessence and constant innovation; they are not the results of aimless continuity. At any time, in any age, development is not possible without a pioneering mindset.

With such a great history and progress, in 2003, we decided to integrate two brands of the company, Pasco and Shikishima, into one national brand name, Pasco. We see this development as our “second start”. We value the viewpoint of the many consumers who consistently enjoy our products. And with the first priority, we vow to pour all of our efforts into maintaining food safety and reliability with the accumulation of our efforts to pursue quintessence and constant innovation. We vow to enthusiastically and continuously create “consistent and essential products for society”.
We intend to venture into tomorrow ,keeping our founding mission in mind, under the motto of “Always Basics.”

President Atsuo Morita

The Pasco Code of Conduct

Pasco aims to be a company of the 21st century-both trusted by and integral to society. Toward that end, we established the Pasco Code of Conduct for the realization and practice of the company’s corporate philosophy and vision. The Code of Conduct specifies values and guiding principles that should be shared and pursued by all persons engaged in Pasco’s corporate activities.
Adhering to this Code of Conduct, Pasco will carry out corporate activities that demonstrate appropriate judgment, responsibility, and good sense to ensure that we can meet the expectations and confidence of our customers and all other stakeholders.

Pasco offers products and services that contribute to people’s health and beauty
Pasco is a company that believes in fairness and openness in compliance with laws, regulations and ethics
Pasco promotes environmental protection activities
Pasco respects human rights and provides safe and healthy work environment
Pasco administers assets and information appropriately and respects the rights of others
Pasco contributes generously to the community

Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Name: Pasco Shikishima Corporation
Head office: 5-3 Shirakabe, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 461-8721, Japan
Business Description: Manufacture and sales of bread, Japanese sweets, and confectionery
Establishment: June,1920
Capital: ¥1,799 million
Annual Sales: ¥155,714 million
Number of Employees: 4,081
Number of plants: 13 in Japan (including 3 subsidiary plants)
Business offices: 41
Reference banks: Mizuho Bank, Ltd.
The Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.

As of August 31,2019

Board of Directors
  • 盛田 淳夫

    President & CEO

    Atsuo Morita

  • 田中 正樹

    Vice President

    Masaki Tanaka

  • 盛田 宏

    Vice President

    Hiroshi Morita

  • 坪田 正明

    Senior Managing Director

    Masaaki Tsubota

  • 盛田 兼由

    Senior Managing Director

    Kaneyoshi Morita

  • 家田 茂

    Managing Director & Senior Officer

    Shigeru Ieda

  • 鈴木 謙司

    Managing Director & Senior Officer

    Kenji Suzuki

  • 根本 力

    Managing Director & Senior Officer

    Chikara Nemoto

  • 杉浦 秀則

    & Senior Officer

    Hidenori Sugiura

  • 盛田 厚


    Atsushi Morita

  • 盛田 貴弘

    & Senior Officer

    Takahiro Morita

  • 山田 真彦

    & Senior Officer

    Masahiko Yamada

  • 山田 和弘

    & Senior Officer

    Kazuhiro Yamada

Senior Officer
  • Shinji Sato
  • Shoichi Murayama
  • Yoshihiro Fukuzawa
  • Katsufumi Sawai
  • Hiroyuki Koyama
  • Fumihiro Onouchi
  • Eiji Kubota
  • Hiroaki Ohishi
  • Joichi Kashihira
  • Yasuo Teshima
  • Masaaki Jinbo
  • Kenji Ogawa
  • Rie Iida
  • Hiroshi Sekitou
  • Yuji Taguchi
  • Tsutomu Okamoto
  • Noriyoshi Kiyoshi

Business Summary

Wholesale Bread Business


Since its founding in 1920, the wholesale bread business has been the center of our activities. The technological advantages nurtured by the long tradition and pioneering spirit that is always geared for the creation of new values, have produced a variety of longtime sellers, including the Choujuku series, which occupies the largest share in white pan bread market today. The wholesale bread business operates with self-confidence and pride as the core of the leading manufacturer.

Wholesale Cake Business


The history of cake production at Pasco dates back to 1922, right after the founding of the company.
In 1929, the company started to produce Japanese-style cake, establishing a manufacturing system that could satisfy a variety of needs. Nagoyan, whose high-quality bean jam and sponge creates an original flavor, is well-known as a specialty of Nagoya.

Frozen Foods Business

Pasco have engaged in the development of "Bakery System" that uses frozen dough for many years, so that the oven-fresh bread and pastries can be provided to the customers without the skilled technician involved at the stores. In 1988, Pasco opened Japan's first frozen-dough and frozen-pastry plant in Kobe as a production base of frozen dough. The high-quality frozen bakery products are supplied across the bakeries and the food industries throughout Japan. Online sales of frozen dough began in 2007. The online shopping site offers a large variety of products, even in small quantities.

Overseas Projects

Pasco expanded the oversea business to Hong Kong, Indonesia, Taiwan and China.Pasco operates the wholesale bakery business which produce breads for supermarkets and convenience stores, etc. ,and the retail bakery business which bread is baked and sold on site. Pasco contributes to those countries’ diet through the products with its baking techniques, know-how and philosophy. Pasco is making continuous efforts to spread and enhance its brand, “Pasco” under the slogan of “Pasco around the world”.
As for the wholesale bakery business, Pasco has established “PT. Nippon Indosari Corpindo, Tbk.” in Indonesia, a joint venture with an Indonesian company. It operates wholesale bakery business under “SARI ROTI” brand and went public on the Indonesian Stock Exchange in 2010.
As for the retail bakery business, in Hong Kong, Pasco has operated in-store bakeries under the name of “PANASH” since 1983. In 1988, “The Garden Company Limited” joined the business as a partner. And in Taiwan, “Nisshi Chain Co., Ltd.”, a joint venture with “Great Wall Group” has operated in-store bakeries under the name of “Gino Pasco” since 1999.

Corporate Group
Bakery Business


Pasco operates the scratch bakery shops offering oven-fresh breads, "scratch" means all process starting from weighing the flour finished at the same shop. Pasco also operates "PAUL" the famous traditional French bakery in Japan.

Pasco's High-quality Products

  • Choujuku

    Since its launch in 1998, Choujuku has been a beloved Pasco flagship product. During development we worked to create a product suited to Japanese tastes, offering delectable flavor that customers would never tire of even if eaten everyday. At the time, a bread-making technique called “hot-water dough method” (mixing wheat flour with boiling water) was difficult to apply to mass production. Pasco overcame this difficulty with a proprietary technique, making it possible to offer the great taste of Choujuku on a large scale. Moreover, the product has continued to improve, and it is made without unnecessary ingredients to offer consumers both delicious taste and reliability.

  • Convenient Products

    In addition to placing importance on daily nutrition, Pasco also offers an arrangement of convenient products that meet peoples' needs during the morning rush or for a snack between meals. Stick-type breads that are easy to grasp even for small children, such as Tokachi Butter Sticks and Snack Pan, are representative examples that can meet customers' needs in any situation.

  • Healthy Products

    Pasco offers products that reflect the company's corporate philosophy, “for health and beauty”. They are an excellent match for increasing health-conscious customers. With a wide variety of healthy choices including rye, whole wheat, and fruit breads, we support customers who think about their dietary.

  • Functional Products

    The use of Panetone yeast gives Pasco's Long Life Bread series a shelf life of over one month without the use of preservatives. This series keeps a mild and delicious taste by Pasco’s original technique, offers advantages in a wide range of situations, such as stocking the pantry or taking meals on the go. Recently, it focused on reducing food waste.